Abe Caloppa

Aliases: "The Cook"
Role: Raider, Chef
Ships: "The Furnace" (Cruiser), "The Kiln" (Heavy Frigate)


A man of average height and average build with brown hair. His eye color varies depending on what report you read, but one thing that is always constant is that they glow as if they were fire themselves. Another distinct identifier is the spiraling burn scar that he has on both arm starting at the wrist and going up to his shoulder.


Not many know how long Abe "The Cook" has been part of House Vagrant, he just seemed to pop up one day among the ranks about a decade back and has been around ever since. His nickname "The Cook" was given to him for two reasons. The first being that his is an exceptional chef and could probably have gotten a rather decent job working at some high end restaurant if he didn't have Imperials out for his head. The second reason he was given the nickname was due to how he conducts his raids on settlements, which involves sacking the place of any valuables and then burning said settlement to the ground with military grade fire bombs. While this seems extreme to most "The Cook" justifies it by saying it is retribution against the Imperials, for they did the same to those he cared for before he joined House Vagrant.