Aliases: "The Green-Claw"
Role: Raider
Capital Ship: "Sixth Sorrow"


Now in his mid-to-late 30's, he found his way into the Vagrant Fleet a little over a year ago. His normal garb around the station consists of rugged black legwear and and matching wrap around his shoulders, with a faceless helmet that matches the celadon tone of the usually exposed skin of his upper-body. None of those outside his crew have ever born witness to his face, but the rhythmic hum and slight but distinct shifting under his skin that betrays the extensive cyberware underneath cuts an image that stands clearly in the minds of all who observe it. His primary tools of trade, from whence he gets his name, are the two glowing chartreuse crystalline daggers that he stows in a concealed chamber in his abdomen. He normally keeps to himself, but when he does converse with other fleet members his attempts at holding a low-born accent our suspect at best. Nevertheless, his 15-man crew is vehemently loyal to him and quick to anger when in earshot of disparagers of their leader.


The criminal history of the Green-Claw starts in orbit over Demnoph. The oldest of his warrants date from nearly 4 years ago and read: 1 count of frigate-class grand theft starship, 6 counts of aggravated assault of an officer of the peace, and 8 counts of aiding the escape from custody of class-3 felons. From these beginnings, the story of his savage haunting of the sector's space lanes was born. Sixth Sorrow, operating in tones of green-gray and black, employs a tractor beam, boarding tubes, and a crew well equipped and trained for marine action to carry out his endeavors with supreme success. When waiting for his ship to be refitted, he is usually seen participating in games of chance, finding opportunities to make wagers, or tinkering with tau force power converters, sonic particle prisms, or the like with tools he brings off of his ship. Damage to the hull exposes the markings of A.C.R.E on his ship.