Karina Zbiroh

Aliases: "Venturer"
Role: Blockade Runner
Ships: "The Orel" (Cruiser), "Druendal" (Personal Fighter)


Karina is quite tall, having spent most of her life in the low-Gs of space and pale from her long journeys between the stars. She keeps her hair short so that it doesn’t interfere with her pilot's helmet when she hops into Durendal and helps clear a path for her flagship. Her face is young but carries the scars of someone who’s seen their fair share of combat. Grim and decisive on the command deck of The Orel, only her eyes belie her joy at sailing her starships through the currents of space.


Karina is one of the youngest captains in House Vagrant. She stole her first ship, which she nicknamed Durendal, at barely 15 years of age in order to escape the surrounded freighter she was traveling on with her family. Her mother and father died in the attack but she was able to shoot her way out through the House Aquila attack forces and escape with her little brother sitting in her lap. She then made a blind drill and by some miracle arrived near a House Vagrant cruiser. Inspired by her reckless bravery (and her promise to take as many of them with her if they refused to help) the captain allowed Karina and her brother entry into their crew. It was not long before Karina was given command of a ship and proved her flight from House Aquila was not a fluke. Captain Zbiroh has become one of the best blockade runners in House Vagrant. Karina hates the Houses of the Empire for their senseless attack on the refugee ship her family was flying on. She takes great pleasure in any harm she can do to The Empire but has a soft spot for the civilians who get caught up in their games.