Vagrant Viktor Vladovich

Aliases: "Valentine"
Role: Raider
Ships: "The Candy Crusher"


It is apparent that Viktor used to be one of the Deathless just by looking at him. His skin is pasty white, not getting much exposure being in a combat suit during most time out of ship. His training regiment is the only thing from his past that he brought with him from the Deathless, which keeps his body and mind in shape. He keeps his black hair and beard shaved down to fit within his Combat suit helmet effectively and efficiently. The striking thing is the softness of his eyes never went away, for a pirate, he is very friendly and inviting if circumstances call for it, but as soon as battle erupts the fire behind them is lit and roars to life.


Viktor came from humble beginnings, working as a soldier in the Deathless fleets as a simple boarding Sargent. They pay was good and the food was decent, until the order came to glass his home city in his home system. Viktor vehemently protested to no avail and everyone he knew back home was incinerated in a flash. Viktor then staged a mutiny on board his ship, previously called The Exterminator, he quickly renamed the ship and headed to Vagrant space. Driven to strike out at those he thought responsible for the attack, the Deathless, The Noble houses, everyone was in his crosshairs.