House Vagrant


"What's yours is mine."

"What's yours is mine."

Welcome to House Vagrant, home of the deadliest pilots in the entirety of ACHERON RHO. Whether you are looking to move some "sensitive" materials around the sector, "get even" with a fellow spacer, acquire some "less than legal" goods, or just find your place among us, House Vagrant has space for you.

When with House Vagrant, "What's yours is mine". We have spent too long being held down by the hands of the imperial houses, it's time now we step forth out of the shadows of the void and take what has been held from us for so long.

If you are ready to join, fly, and fight along side us, continue on, but for all of these in the sector who look down on us,



"If the law is unjust, a man is not only RIGHT to disobey it, he is OBLIGATED to do so."

- Grand Admiral Vagrant Maranth

The Code

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