Captain Vagrant Valerius Usha

Aliases: "Fang Serpens Valerius Usha", "The Bitch"
Role: Bloodhound
Ships: "The Black Krait", "The Naga", The Void Capable Mech "Death Adder"


Late twenties. Has a tattoo of a skeletal snake that wraps around her neck and trails all the way down her right arm. Favors black, gold and green. Reticulum armor for business, Trilliant naval coats for leisure.


In most cases, a noble with an overblown sense of entitlement is nothing new. Combined with some of the finest military training in the sector and a devastating fall from grace, however, that entitlement can mutate into something truly dangerous.

Serpens Valerius Usha was once a minor noble of little true importance, one more MES-positive child in the House of the Snake being trained in the proper use of her precognitive gift. Her life's trajectory took a sharp turn, however, following the death of the pilot of the heavy psimech Numerous Fates. With one of the vanishingly rare psimechs in Acheron Rho pilotless, a borderline religious search was carried out for one who could be named Pilot Successor.

When the academy's envoy selected her upon their visit to Hroa, it was a surprise to all parties involved. Most expected the relatively timid precog to be an early burnout, either found incompatible for the mech or incapable of surviving the harsh training conditions on Diomikato. But after the first several weeks of brutality, it became clear that Usha had an untapped gift as a pilot and marksman. Cadet after cadet was weeded out of the program, until she and an Aquilan legate's son were the only candidates left.

To this day, Usha does not know if it was her rival cadet or someone else grooming him for success that planet the false evidence that ruined her. All she knows is that a copy of the psimech academy's sealed archives regarding the Numerous Fates was found in her quarters. Accused of cheating her way through the Pilot Successor trials, she was summarily discharged from the academy. It would have been bad enough if that were the end of the scandal. A drunken brawl the night after Usha's expulsion, however, allowed the legate to pressure House Serpens into exiling her.

Adrift, disgraced and cut off from the luxury she had been accustomed to all her life, Usha eventually turned her training toward increasingly violent and illegal ends. Inevitably, this led her to the Vagrant fleet. With the same ruthless determination first unearthed at the academy, Valerius Usha has spent the last eight years clawing her way into a position as one of House Vagrant's most cunning and wealthy Bloodhounds, commanding well over a hundred corsairs outfitted with some of the best gear in the fleet.

Ultimately, all Usha desires is a return to the prominence she believes she is owed by the sector. If Serpens will not take her back, she will do anything and everything in her power to turn "House" Vagrant into a legitimate and feared force in Acheron Rho. Anything less simply isn't enough for her.