Vagrant Mammudov Ernst

Role: Engineer
Ships: "Zwischenweltier"


With his small size and quiet demeanour Ernst is able to keep out of trouble and listen in to all conversation of those too unaware to perceive him. Keeping his long, curled hair mostly in a bun on the top of his hair, the only descriptive fact about Ernst is a tattoo sleeve, black ink on brown skin that detail the blueprint of a complicated machine, its complete work hidden under the sleeveless turtlenecks he prefers to wear under his coveralls at work.
Ever calm, Ernst’s face rarely changes from its passive expression, save from the times in which it turns into a snarling visage at the barest mention of House Crux. The only thing warning a person from getting their skull smashed in, is the fire that quickly ignites in his nearly black eyes.


Little is known about the Senior Engineer on Cornalt's Customs, as Mammudov loses few words about his life before the Vagrants, save some extraordinary repairs he has overseen. The one thing every person knows about Mammudov that has spoken to for longer than five minutes, is his substantial hate of anything Crux. One of the most remembered moments of Mammudov was the tirade he fell into about the Crux, where he began to carefully lay out how he plans to rip every living member of the Crux apart. Some captains of the Vagrants still shiver at the details. Indeed, if provoked long enough, his degree of violence is astounding. Other than that, Mammudov is known as the most dependant mechanic in the Vagrants, the lacking finesse in beautification of ships made up by his filigree work in repairing the VIs of vessels.